Iron Pug

My grey girl (June 2012)

In October, 2003, we brought home Yobo, a little gal from Pacific Pug Rescue with a history of abuse. She has been my constant shadow ever since. A good friend jokingly dubbed her 'Iron Pug' due to her amazing will and ability to conquer (up to) twelve mile hikes despite short legs, a flat face and a rotund frame. Last night, at 3 am, we lost our wee girl to health problems that just finally caught up with her. What an amazing, almost nine years of tons of diva personality in a tiny, fifteen-pound frame.

Some of my favorite pictures and adventures with my loyal girl:

I swear, this picture is NOT posed (August 2004)

only a pug would use lava rock for a pillow (Three Sisters Wilderness, 2005)

Buddies (Goat Rocks Wilderness, 2004)

this hike was just a little too long (January 2010)

The rare, elusive, not-often-seen snow pug (Dog Mountain, March 2010)

hippo yawn

sleeping bag warmer (Mount Hood Wilderness, 2010)

still life with pug and waterfall (October 2010)

under my chair while I studied

giving me the crazy eyeball to get up the couch