A Superbowl Sunday kayak

(Hullo world. 

Funny, I always said I was going to be one of those people who “kept up” with their blog. Famous last words, Amanda. Not to mention a lesson in humility about how when you say you won’t be that person, you are destined to become that person.

Obviously, I am woefully behind, and, just as obviously, I am still alive. I have no excuses beyond being uninspired, and transitioning into a new job role post-injury that has left me both more appreciative of how much my body actually does and reluctant to spend yet more hours behind the computer. Bad combo.

The back injury took time to mend…and - in the grand scheme of back injuries -  wasn’t honestly all that bad. Still, it left me with a new appreciation for pain and how incapacitating back *stuff* can be- and mine was strictly related to severe muscle strain-  I didn’t even venture into the realm of spinal injury or nerve damage. So, my hat is off to all of you who suffer from chronic back pain. It's awful.)


Andy and I have been in the process of rediscovering the Oregon Coast for some time now after an extended hiatus…kayaking clearly has something to do with it, but it’s been a joy to remember what an incredible area we live in.

(My wonderful father, who lives in Ohio, and constantly teases/harasses me to move back closer to family, one time asked me, “What does Oregon have that Ohio doesn’t? [a few years later, my adorable brother asked me something similar, however, he lives in the South. Yup, family spread out all over the place.] I replied (to both questions): “Topography.” [GRIN])

Never good at sports, my Super Bowl Sunday looked something like this:

pretty little Nestucca

Kayaking. Island Life. Sunshine. Next to no one else around. Pretty much perfect.  

Andy and I decided to explore Nestucca Bay near Pacific City. It’s a fairly sheltered bay that is part of the Nestucca River flowing thru the coastal flats between the towns of Pacific City and Neskowin. Its personality is variable- pastoral in the upper reaches, flowing thru flats and pasture land, increasingly tidal and coastal towards the inlet, with quite the wind chop as Andy and I discovered soon after launch.

We’re still new to bays- as such, we exercise caution. We launched during the change in tide, so we were careful to steer clear of the mouth, which we could see in the distance, breaking white and wide and frothy- not smart for novice newbies like ourselves. No loss, however. We played in the current and chop, practicing strokes and maneuvers, and watched wary seals follow us around, poking their heads in and out of the waves.

sea glass and barnacles

We made landfall on an island. Andy crabbed. One of the wonderful aspects about dry suits is they are insulating- so I took a nap in the February sunshine on an island on the Oregon Coast in FEBRUARY. 

It was glorious.


Mary said...

Good to see you pop up again. I really miss ocean kayaking. That area looks beautiful.

Jan W said...

I was once one of those folks that said something along the same line.....yep...that would be me....good to see your alive and still enjoying the great outdoors.

Manda said...

Thank you both! It was a rough winter, so it just got to the point where catching up seemed impossible...

and Mary, we are very much still *learning* and at the ocean's mercy. I hope to someday be...proficient.