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Siletz Bay sunset, low tide
(And still in the theme of catching up on posts):

Our gorgeous February weather continued to hold, so late that month Andy and I headed back down to the Lincoln City area, originally intending to do some more kayaking.

We ended up just...playing.

Couple o' dorks

The weather was gorgeous, and the rain held off until we left, late on Sunday evening, winding our way back up Highway 6 thru Banks.

Saturday evening, with the low tide, we tried out our hand at clamming and were much more successful than in previous endeavors. Apparently Siletz Bay is filled with purple varnish clams, an invasive species from Asia, that have a high daily quota of 72 per person.

We each caught our quota in under two hours. Our maturity levels plummeted to new lows as we competed heavily about who had more clams in their buckets and raced each other with shovels and sand-flinging to find more clams.

Pepper entertained herself chasing seagulls.

All of us were positively filthy and giddy by the end of it.

(On a side note, washing 144 clams is a painstaking undertaking. The flavor of the purple varnish clam was surprisingly good- light and clean, and they made lovely clam chowder when we got them home. Tiny little boogers for so much work though).

Andy LOVES this

purple varnish clams

a gorgeous evening for clamming in Siletz Bay

We also spent some time down at the Aquarium (just because it's adorable), Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Scenic Area, and, of course, Rogue Brewing.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse


Delightful times. {GRIN}

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