The month of March (aka SPRING in all its glory)

I love all the seasons. Fall is my favorite with its gorgeous burst of color and changing light, like a celebration before the long night that is winter. Winter, for its long nights and grey days, all gloomy and moody and slumbering, and its absolute quiet, especially in the snow in the mountains. Spring, for its celebration, rejuvenation, longer days, new color and flowers. Summer- oddly, probably my least cherished- but glorious in the high alpine and with its long days and sun.

Spring has many faces.

chillaxing in Siouxan

In Bend, on our only ski day of the year (our winter completely abolished by my back...*le sigh*), this is what spring looked like:

snow is actually blowing sideways

One of the entertaining aspects of new homes is finding out what little delights creep out of the ground thru the seasons. Daily, this year in March, I would come home to find something new:

absolutely gorgeous, fifty plus year old trillium

bleeding hearts

not sure what kind of cuteness to call these guys, but I love them

Regaining my hiking legs and stamina, rediscovering the beauty of the forest, of water, of friends and family, both two and four-legged:

because...this guy

giant ferns, tiny husband (Andy's first visit to Siouxan)

revisiting the Clackamas River trail with dear friends

Twas a good month.

best friends

life so hard

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