Summer and Finding Dory

Miss Keebler Elf  with bat ears

I haven’t been posting much lately, mostly because making myself sit on the computer after a long day of already being on the computer isn't extremely appealing. Not to say that it hasn't been a busy and productive summer, but little about it has been catalogued. I've been using the big camera less too, mostly because I’m trying to keep up with this little gal:

Meet Dory. 

Dory and her Nemo

No doubt, it’s been a rough dog year for us. We’ve been thru a couple of difficult foster situations (including the foster-trial-to-adopt Chewy that was so disheartening), then having our hearts stolen by Captain only to lose him less than three months later.

Upon returning from our Oregon coast/Redwoods trip (more on that later) I found out that work had screwed up my scheduled so I had a few additional days off. Darn. :) What to do with those days off? Apparently I ended up at the Humane Society and a day later, came home with Dory (previously Dolly).

She’s been a delight and a challenge, which, I understand most young herding breeds/mixes are. No history, beyond that she was picked up as a stray in California. She’s the quietest, most submissive, almost timid dog we’ve ever had, so Andy and I have been working hard to build her confidence and trust in just about everything: people, cars, new places, other dogs. Hellishly intelligent and untrained.  Combine these qualities with an off-the-hook prey drive (cats, squirrels, bunnies- anything that moves- she’s our indoor fly swatter) and she’s a unique little monster that is slowly coming out of her shell and blossoming into a really great little gal. 

(Nemo before)

death to all squeakies (Nemo after)

Until she eats my lipstick all over the carpet right before work. Sigh.

Teenage dogs are the worst.

First hike: Bear Lake

snaggle-tooth grin

learning how to be off leash with friends

pack of pups on the Little Santiam


Mary said...

We are getting a puppy tomorrow. I'm excited yet terrified. Hopefully she will become a great trail dog.

Manda said...

LOL. Have fun with that. I think people who are brave enough to brave puppies are brave indeed. :)