Lovely Ramona

rhodies mean it's June in the PNW

I won't say much about this lovely lady, simply because there are entire guidebooks filled with information about her. She's the Mona Lisa of Mount Hood- well photographed, well-documented, pilgrimages are made in her honor. It's been four years since I last visited Ramona; I usually do so in the shoulder season because although it really is a beautiful trail, it's filled with (for me) far too much company. Still, it's  the kind of  place you have to see at least once, and initiating new trail friends to Ramona's beauty is a must.

classic Ramona

Still working on getting the timing down on the jump shots though. {GRIN}. 

I love J.B.'s face in this one

the dogs are so confused...


Mount Hood Wilderness, Oregon
7.1 miles, 1000 feet elevation gain

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