Of Moorish Palaces & Hilltop Towns

GRANADA: Tues 24th

On a Granada hilltop sits the Alhambra, palace of the Moorish sovereigns and the last site of the Ottoman Empire in Spain to fall to the Christian monarchs during the Inquisition. There are few adequate words for it. It’s just one of those places you have to see.

La Alhambra

Façade of Comares

Chamber of the Ambassadors

My favorite: ceiling detail from the Hall of the Abencerrages

Hall of the Abencerrages

The Hall of the Muqarnas surrounding the Courtyard of the Lions

City of Granada and her Sierra Nevadas in the distance

RONDA: Wed 25th

Passing through the Andalucía countryside, the landscape dominated by olive groves, rocky outcroppings, and a sun bleached blue sky. Ronda is a ridge top, whitewashed town set high above El Tajo, a 328 foot deep gorge spanned by the 18th century el Puente Nuevo. We wandered Ronda’s quaint maze of streets and admired the ubiquitous tile work, decorated doorways and tiny courtyards so prevalent among Andalucía towns. 

El Tajo

El Puente Nuevo spanning El Tajo

Ronda's famous Plaza de Toros

Onward to Sevilla, heart of Andalucía, full of color, light, sangria, Fería and flamenco.