A Quick Musing on Shoes

Last night, I returned the Salewas to the Mountain Shop.

Apparently, I am the first customer to do so this summer. See? I knew they were good boots, but seriously, I need to be a test monkey with these feet of mine.

(Hello? Salewa? I'm over here.)

I also have to give a shout out to the Mountain Shop, our local, gear-junkie, wish-I-was-rich-so-I-could-buy-everything-there store which I just love, love, love, love. Have I mentioned I love them?

I have now been reined in for a boot-fitting date with a professional foot guy (this entire sentence sounds strange) at Mountain Shop who, while I was returning the Salewas, examined my metatarsals and Achilles like my feet were some mythological creature come to life. Basically, he's trying to determine how the hell to fit me in a boot that won't give me blisters. Technically, my feet measure a seven. A seven??? Nothing I own is that itsy bitsy: I wouldn't even be able to fit my big honking toes into the toe box.

He did tell me about a woman who hiked the Triple Crown in neoprene socks and Chacos. I'm intrigued. 

So, local boot guy, it's on. Work your magic.