An impromptu PTO day saw us arriving to sun on the Oregon coast, leaving the clouds behind in Portland. A rare phenomenon. We had originally packed for a hike, but the lure of tiny towns, hidden cafes, beachfront wanders and kite flying proved to be too much; the hike got squashed and, instead, we spent joyous hours ducking in and out of places we haven't visited in far too long. It was a day spent wandering among sea stacks and tide pools, a landscape of colored sand between our toes. Sometimes, the best days are the unplanned ones.

Andy found clam chowder

Kiwanda, one of my favorite places on the coast

(I bet you can sea kayak in there)

little details

Three Rocks (Oceanside)

Netarts Spit from Cape Lookout

gorgeous Netarts bay

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Mary said...

love the coast, hate that it is so far away. You have gorgeous pictures on your blog!