Beyond Portland, where Oregon doesn't look so much like "Oregon"
First hike of 2014. As the winter deluge in Portland continues, J.B. and I take the dogs east to try to escape the rain. We mostly succeed.

Shenzi nose action shot

In summer months, the Deschutes is home to river rafters and fishermen. In winter and early spring, it's a place I love to go to escape the rain, to remind myself that even in dark and dreary conditions, winter can be very, very beautiful. Backpacking opportunities exist here, and I'm hoping to take advantage of them soon.

With such a late start, we ended up taking the short-and-sweet hikers only trail along the river before climbing to a viewpoint high above the river's edge. We marveled at world, wintery and spread out before us, before racing the incoming rainstorm back to the trailhead.

hurry up and stuff

Overlook on the Deschutes River

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
~5.5 miles, ~700 feet elevation gain

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