Big Rocks

Central Oregon: where "Oregon doesn't look like Oregon."

Walking on The Peninsula, Tam-a-lau trail

But still so awe-some.

In Bend for a conference...what better way to break up the both the drive and post-conference stagnation than with local hikes I haven't done before?

Cove Palisades State Park, Oregon
~7 miles, ~600 feet elevation gain

80 degrees at 3:30 pm. I feel like a weeny. This is literally the hottest day in nine months for me. Although the trail wasn't "the experience of a lifetime for me" (big words Oregon State Parks), it was calm. Only windsong, birdsong, some lizards, and big sky to keep me company. Time to settle into myself, reground, just walk.

The Crooked River arm of Lake Billy Chinook

Balsamroot flower = signs of spring

looking out at The Island and the Descutes arm of Lake Billy Chinook

Central Oregon, you are photogenic

Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

It's been years since I have been here. Literally, the age before digital (wow, I have been living in Oregon long enough to actually say that). Smith Rock is inspiring. It's Bend's version of Forest Park. Only with crazy rock climbers and bombtastic sunsets. 

Conference food settling in my belly didn't inspire me to try my hand at the Misery Ridge trail, but it was still a great way to spend the evening with a coworker.

I have no complaints.

Smith Rock State Park & the Crooked River

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