Mount Hood Wilderness, Oregon
11.6 miles, 2400 feet elevation gain

Gnarl Ridge, ~6500 feet in elevation
A hint of fall to the morning air. A reminder that summer is not to last, the seasons are soon to turn. A long jaunt up into the high country, the Newton Clark chasm yawning out before me. Unbridged crossings are always interesting.

the lower crossing of Hood's Newton Clark creek

the trail's clothing of lupine

Ancient trees. Ancient ice.

whitebark pine formations...

and sculptures
Hood's Newton Clark valley from Gnarl Ridge

Trying to teach the pug not to base jump (damn dog). Huckleberries slowing me down. Bear scat (no bears). Round the mountain hikers.

I {heart} Hood.

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Mary said...

So nice! Wish I lived closer to explore that side of Oregon.