Year in Review 2014

2014. Not sure why, but it felt like a year of extremes: beauty & stress, sadness vs. joy. The low river valley, the coast, the incredible windswept alpine. I have new people in my life and have lost old ones. New hobbies. New explorations. I <3 Oregon.

Unlike any other year, a winter desert theme prevailed. The desert, in winter, is simply beautiful. 

Death Valley NP

Feet of snow in the mountains. Discovering Opal Creek (why haven’t I been here before?)

J.B plowing through at Twin Lakes

Spring, just around the corner. Spending more time with new trail friends, two and four-legged alike. 

Dog: Beach. Beach: Dog

Oddly, my highest mileage month this year. Loving the Gorge and our Pacific Northwest forests. Determined to find new places. 

"Discovering" Siouxan

Boats. Oh yeah, jeez…we got boats [GRIN].  The flower explosion begins. Continuing to explore new places, sometimes being a little lost.  


Phloxy on Phlox Point

Water is our new trail. More new trail friends. First backpack with the little monster-tent-hog-dog. Good times.

laughing but also seriously hoping my dear friend A doesn't fall out of her boat

Pug (Bug) meets Helens

Two incredible overnighters. Soul therapy. Night sky. The high country. Backpacking is my barbeque. 

Goat Rocks has the best sky

how can you say no to this face? [damn her]

Low on mileage, house projects have taken over. But I still got time with my mountain. 

Approaching McNeil

Solitude. The changing of the seasons.

Elk Cove. Fall. Nuff said. 

Three of our best outings this year. River vs. high alpine splendor. Juxtapositions.

a world of color and clouds on the Loowit Trail

Trips. The desert is still warm in November. The Oregon Coast is not.

tide pool details at Cape Perpetua

Unfortunately, not much to talk about this year- family life, home & work prevailed. But the dog is always cute.

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Beautiful photos!