How to Cool Off a Hot Dog & Still Enjoy Your Hike


1) Be stir crazy. (<= this is related to house projects and packing and stuff cuz oh yeah, you're supposed to move in two weeks).
2) Be stir crazy enough to throw all adult responsibilities out the window and think that hiking on the first 80+ degree day in while is a smart idea. Especially with your dog. And your Norwegian heritage that hates the heat.
3) Be ambitious. This means planning on something akin to an 11 mile day. (<= spoiler alert. This mileage shrinks dramatically when both dogs & humans crap out in the heat).  
4) Conveniently forget/ignore the fact that your dog is really a space alien in disguise with a flat face and black coat. 
5) Convince yourself that it will be cooler on the mountain (<= guess what? Oh yeah. It isn't).
6) Add a late start. Because that's how you roll.

Actual events:


1) Start hiking at 12:30pm. The thermometer in Govy reads 78. Smart phone says 66. Take your pick.
2) Yell "PUFFY!" at all the awesome beargrass.
3) Commence photography. (<= Beargrass. Everywhere. PUFFY!)
4) Think, "Hey, it's not too bad in the shade of the forest." (<= this is tomfoolery).
5) Turn off on to the next trail and begin climbing. In the sun.
6) Dog craps out about 2 miles in like you thought she might.
7) {Sigh.}

How to cool of a hot dog:

stink eye

1) Throw them in a creek. Much to their distinct displeasure.
2) Dog gives stink eye to human.
3) Dog stops panting.
4) Human win.
5) Human proceeds to toss dog into every creek thereby encountered.

Hike Enjoyed.

Mount Hood National Forest
~4 miles, ~820 feet elevation gain

false hellebore

hullo there Hood

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