Fall into winter....settling in

fireplace snuggles and puppies

At the beginning of November, we brought home this sweet, giant galumph of a boy for a trial and a few weeks later, decided he was a total keeper. 

love this sweet face

We’ve been looking for a second dog for some time now- in July, we fostered/trialed Chewy for almost a month before heartrendingly deciding we weren’t a good match for his needs (tremendous separation anxiety and dog aggression. We had been through horrifying dog aggressive behavior with our previous boy, Rocky, for over ten years and honestly, just weren’t up for it again). We took a few months off of thinking about a second furry addition to the house, but upon seeing Captain’s face, had to inquire about this boy.

He’s like a cross between a kangaroo and a giraffe and Gumby; funny and clumsy and endearing with way too many transitions in his life. Sadly, between a back injury for me at work and a new health issue/leg injury for him (that cropped up shortly after bringing him home) we’ve done next to no hiking. I’m yearning for snow and he loooooves the outdoors. And playing with Pepper, which he can’t do right now due to the fragility of his leg. 

amazing to see Pepper actually snuggle- bossy little wench that she is

one of our only hikes in November- Gillette Lake


So let’s say we are both (all of us, actually) stir crazy. But getting lots of naps and long walks around the neighborhood, dreaming about chasing squirrels and eating snowcones. 

napping with my dogs is a favorite pastime

stretchy leg twins

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