Row, Row, Row Your Boat


Last year, Andy and I took Alder Creek's Basic Skills Kayak lesson. As such, we are now *certified* to (tentatively) venture out on our own.

Watch out, Portland waterways.

Our first outing wasn't stupendous, but with new sports, new adventures almost never are. It's how you learn. You learn your endurance level, the equipment, the locations and the scenery and the company you prefer. For example, if I hadn't promised Andy I would try downhill skiing at least three times, he would have never, ever, ever convinced me to get back on those damn things again. As it is, I'm still the only skier I know capable of full face plants on a fairly regular basis.

The weather today was glorious.

I have the weirdest sunburn. It's just on my forearms. Alder Creek dude called it "Paddler's Tan." Who knew.

Klimt-like water reflections

Vancouver Lake