Couple O' Dorks

Fifteen years since our first date. Because, well...there just was never any looking back.

Love to you, my best friend, husband, partner, adventure buddy, soul mate.

First date. September 23, 1997
Married. September 23, 2008
Cape Kiwanda, Oregon Coast. 1998

Faces. Sometime in 2001
What you, too, will look like after climbing South Sister. 2002
Goat Rocks. 2004
5 degrees in Utah. 2006

Typical. Sandia Peak, New Mexico. 2007

Paragliding. 2008

Ski feet. One of our favorite pastimes.

What can I say? It was  a big icicle. Grand Targhee, Wyoming. 2009

Oh Cah-nah-dah! Bow Lake, Banff National Park. September 2009.

He generally wears more intelligent footwear than I do, especially given our PNW weather.
Dorking out at Wilcox Pass. Jasper National Park, 2009.

St. Patty's Day 2010
Jefferson Wilderness. June 2010

Thirteen years. September 23, 2010

One of us always messes with the photo.

I love Andy's deer-in-the-headlights face in this picture. January 2011

Mount Saint Helens. March 2011

Playing dress up. August 2011
Windblown on the Washington coast. January 2012

Ape Cave. April 2012

Ape Cave. April 2012

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